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Data last updated: October 2015

In order to track the growth and progress of the MassChallenge alumni, we put a significant effort into research and surveys that enable consistent and accurate data collection on how our startups are doing. We mainly monitor four metrics: activity status, funding raised, revenue generated and jobs created. Surveys to collect this data are administered every six months and augmented by additional research through databases such as EDGAR and CrunchBase. We try our hardest to maintain an accurate data set, however, having over 800 alumni distributed around the world, we are not able to capture data on a bi-annual basis from all companies. Because of the incomplete data set, we have employed numerous statistical prediction models to fill in the gaps our data may be missing. While this results in a highly accurate and relatively complex analysis process, we know that we will never be completely perfect. Please note that most of the data you are viewing is accurate with a margin of error of +/- 3% at a 95% confidence level (some filters will show smaller data sets that may have higher or lower margins of error).

We take the privacy of our startup's data very seriously - as many of our companies may have raised money or have company activities that are not publicly disclosed, we do not share data in an individually identifiable format. There are some companies who have chosen to publicly share their most recent investment activities which are featured in the "Startup Spotlight". This page has been programmed with certain triggers to not show data if the filters applied become too finite that it will compromise the privacy of our startup's information.

If you have any questions about the data presented on this page or would like more information on MassChallenge's data collection process, please email Cory Bolotsky at

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